About Us

Strictly Transfers is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We offer high quality, buttery soft, transfers to those who wish to make their own t-shirts. We offer shipping and local pick-up at checkout.

Turn Around Time to Process Orders is generally 2-3 Business Days.

Direct to film transfers can be applied to any blend and color of fabric. They should always be applied with a commercial grade heat press.


PREP your bottom platen by pressing with no shirt for 60 seconds.

Press at 275 degrees for 10 seconds - heavy pressure.

Instantly Peel - Confidently and fast. OR cold peel if you desire. Cover with butcher or parchment paper / repress for 10 seconds.

Important Information

All Announcements regarding TAT and closures are posted in our Facebook Group. We are highly active in this group and transparent. Your sucess is our success and we strive to provide the best service and best transfers so you can provide the best finished products for your customers.